[Antares Mini webinar] Explore the latest innovations of the User’s Club and more: RES clusters and ERAA features improvements

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Register for our mini webinar on the Antares-Simulator to explore the latest innovations of the User’s Club and more: RES clusters and ERAA features improvements

28th October at 3pm CET

Join us to

  • Learn how to implement renewable energy data more accurately in your network with the latest innovation developed through the user club: RES clusters
  • Get outputs that are as close as possible to the next ERAA requirements (including the adequacy patch for Flow Based domain inclusion)
  • Discover the benefits of the Antares-Simulator Users’ Club


  • César Clause, Director Digital Solutions, RTE international
  • Hugo Antoine, Power System Expert, RTE international
  • Paul Plessiez, Power System Expert, RTE

RES clusters

Antares 8.1 introduces RES clusters, a feature specially developed through the Antares User's Club. Renewable Energy Sources can now be disaggregated into different clusters on each node of your network. Each cluster can be a part of a group, depending on its production type (like Wind Onshore, Offshore, Solar Rooftop, ...), to allow for better result visualization. Four groups remain nameless, to allow for more freedom to the users.

European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA)

The European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA) calculations are crucial to determine the prospective trends of the european network and raise possible attention points for future adequacy. Antares is continuously getting refined, in order to anticipate the requirements and needs of the next ERAA, and to obtain the most realistic and accurate results possible. Latest development are allowing to take into account CWE and CORE Flow Based domains in the process, and to ensure the compliancy of the resulting output with market rules using different types of solvers (including some open source ones !).

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