Antares-Simulator 8.0.0 now available

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This new version brings up three major improvements:

  1. To begin with, the MC Scenario Playlist feature was updated to introduce the definition of a weight for each Monte Carlo year. These weights are taken into account to compute synthetic result for all years.
  2. The second feature making its appearance in version 8.0.0 regards the definition of a starting hydro level percentage for reservoirs of each area in the MC Scenario Builder. Besides, a new advanced parameter gives the ability to prioritize the hydro generation heuristic either in favor of the accommodation of rule curves or towards the complete use of natural inflows.
  3. The third innovation brought by version 8.0.0 is the possibility of solving the weekly optimization problems with an external solver, called through the OR-Tools optimization library. This feature is experimental.

This version is also compatible with the new antaresXpansion 0.1.0 version. Export of files needed for antaresXpansion was added.

Some bug fixes and features were added to the graphical user interface:

  • Disabled or must-run thermal cluster are indicated in the binding constraint edition tool
  • Crash fix in thermal cluster or link selection for inspector
  • MC Scenario Builder is deactivated if mode is not activated

Limitation of some logs when using disabled thermal cluster and scenario builder.

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