Launch of the Antares Users' Club and 2021 Roadmap

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Launch of the Antares Users' Club

Antares is now used by more and more organizations. It meets more and more specific needs and proposes scenarios by integrating more and more parameters. Major players in the European power grid use Antares to carry out their reference studies, such as RTE's forecast balances or ENTSO-E's Ten-Year Network Development Plans.

Antares has demonstrated its performance and adaptability. To anticipate future users’ needs, RTE international launched the Antares Users’ Club in January 2021. All members of the Users’ Club can now drive the development of the software and share best practices with other users.

The Club consists of:

  • The development of new features,
  • Expert support and documentation
  • Users’ club meetings to share knowledge and advanced use of the tool

The members of the Users’ Club can exchange ideas on the latest developments and select the most relevant ones. RTE international teams will advise members and assess the feasibility of proposals.

2021 Roadmap

ANTARES-SIMULATOR V8.0 / February 2021

This version introduces new features mainly related to improvements of the customization possibilities for hydro and for the calculation of synthetic results; it also opens the possibility to use various solvers to solve the adequacy problem.

  • Introduction of a weight for each Monte Carlo year
  • Possibility of using a starting hydro levels percentage for reservoirs of each area in the MC Scenario Builder
  • Disabled or must-run thermal cluster are indicated in the binding constraint edition tool
  • Possibility of solving problem with an OR-Tools solver

ANTARES-XPANSION V0.2  / June 2021

Thanks to its interaction with the Antares software, Antares-Xpansion allows you to identify optimal investment decisions on generation and transmission capacities over a wide geographical area and a large number of probabilistic draws.

  • Update of Antares studies
  • Improvement of performance


A new API to interact with Antares studies’ input and output data is being developed. It will allow the development of further possibilities for the deployment of Antares within users’ IT architectures and for the management of Antares studies.

June 2021

  • Management of studies’ storage
  • Management of users’ authentification

June 2022

  • Management of studies’ variants


The Antares adequacy model is under constant evolution in order to cope with the increased complexity of adequacy studies, for instance in relation with upward and downward flexibility needs.


Antares is used in the yearly ENTSO-E ERAA (European Resource Adequacy Assessment) process to evaluate the energy mixes and adequacy situations in mid-term timeframes. This new process comes with a methodology which requires enhancements of Antares’ possibilities in various fields.

  • New features to come soon


Antares packages are tools which allow to extend the possibilities of Antares for pre-processing needs (Flow-Based domain calculations, data preparation, study generation…) and for post-processing purposes (data export, analysis and visualisation, calculation of additional indicators…). These packages are being constantly improved to provide new functionalities suited to users’ needs.

  • Enhancements for AntaresViz
  • Enhancements for AntaresRead
  • Enhancements for AntaresEdictObject
  • Enhancements for AntaresProcessing
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