RTE’s latest mid-term adequacy forecast produced using Antares Simulator

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RTE, the French TSO, anticipates the evolution of the French and European electrical system thanks to the powerful OpenSource and Probabilistic software Antares Simulator. RTE analysts have just published their latest mid-term adequacy forecast on the evolution of the electrical system over a five-year period taking into account the development of renewable energies, the evolution of the thermal fleet and the commissioning of new interconnections.

To do this, they used Antares' powerful capabilities to simulate a multitude of scenarios. Based on the latest information and decisions concerning the evolution of consumption and production capacity, RTE forecasts that energy transition will accelerate and that the French electricity system will experience diversification of energy sources.

The analyses made it possible to consider the evolution of the French grid in 3 stages:

- 2019-2022: An electrical system tailored as closely as possible to its demands

- 2022-2023: Security of supply under supervision

- 2023-2025: A more favourable combination of factors

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