The report "Futurs Energetiques 2050" published by RTE was performed using the Antares Simulator

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The report recently published by RTE, "Futurs Energetiques 2050", has been presented on various occasions by Xavier Piechaczyk, Chairman of the Executive Board of RTE and Thomas Veyrenc, Executive Director, in charge of Strategy, Planning and Evaluation at RTE. The report has proved itself to be a good opportunity to provide a large audience with a clear picture of the challenges that the French power system is facing and the different expansion options consistent with the Net Zero target in 2050.  As mentioned in Chapter 2, this study was performed using the Antares Simulator.

Antares is one of the reference adequacy and market modelling softwares used in the coordinated process at ENTSO-E level, for instance the recent MAF process (now migrating to ERAA methodology) and the TYNDP.

The Antares Simulator is an open-source market modelling software. Transparency is at the core of the Antares Simulator project. All the R&D work performed over a period of more than ten years was released open source in 2018 and since then, the collaborative approach has made it possible to have many landmark publications, such as RTE’s report and European processes (MAF, TYNDP, etc.), as well as the ELIA Adequacy and Flexibility Study for Belgium 2022 – 2032.

This latest reports details how Antares was used to create the report, how the data was created and implemented in the tool, and how the transparency, reliability, and performance of Antares have enabled Elia’s expert to run such a complex study.

There are a range of other Antares users in Europe, such as Austrian Power Grid, EMS and SEPS A.S, just to name a few.

All these stakeholders are part of this journey towards advanced, collaborative, and open software solutions for power networks, enabling Transmission System Operators to provide precise and robust reports at national, regional, and European levels to “shed light on the future of the energy system”.


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