Strategic tool for calculating energy mixes Antares-Xpansion is now available

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Strategic tool for calculating energy mixes Antares-Xpansion is now available : unique tool with such modelling capacities 100% open-source, easy to deploy and use

Thanks to its interaction with the Antares software, Antares-Xpansion allows optimum investment decisions to be identified across:

a large geographical area. The generation capacities invested into by Antares-Xpansion can therefore find openings in the area where they originate and also in neighbouring areas where exchange capacities allow.

a significant number of probabilistic draws, for example 20 years (and more or less according to the complexity of the study) enabling a robust combination of investments tailored to the numerous challenges which affect the electric system (consumption peaks, intermittent generation, hydraulic inflows, generation plant shutdowns, etc.).

The optimisation problem that Antares-Xpansion solves is significant (a problem with several tens of millions of variables) and cannot be handled by the turnkey solution methods of commercial solvers. Decomposition methods have been put in place by RTE’s R&D in order to identify the optimum combination from the many variables.

The possible applications of Antares-Xpansion include:

  • The creation of long-term scenarios: Antares-Xpansion allows a cost-effective mix of generation and/or flexibility (storage),
  • The development of the transmission network’s main lines: Antares-Xpansion allows an optimum combination of network investments to be identified in a national or regional model.

To download the tool and its documentation :

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