Shedding light on the future of the energy system

Antares-Simulator is an Open Source (GNU GPL 3.0) power system simulator meant to be used by anybody placing value in quantifying the adequacy or the economic performance of interconnected energy systems , at short or remote time horizons. With an adequate modelling of the energy consumption, generation and transportation, the software performs probabilistic simulations of the system throughout many year-long scenarios made of 8760 hourly time-frames each.

Transmission system Operators, Power and Gas Producers, Regulators, Academics, Consultants, NGO and all others actors concerned by energy policy issues are welcome to use the software.

The Antares-Simulator project was initiated by RTE (French Electricity Transmission system Operator) in 2007. Since then, the software has been proving very useful to many users when it comes to:


Explore prospective visions of the energy sector


Assess the impact of a given energy policy on the generation mix


Analyse the costs and benefits of a new generation or interconnection project


Evaluate the level of security of supply of the upcoming years

The massive development of intermittent renewable energies, the multiplication of local experiments related to smart-grids, the assessment of the potentialities offered by storage technologies (batteries, power-to-gas) are typical examples of strategic issues whose analysis require the assistance of a software application such as Antares-Simulator.

Studies of reference



Antares-Simulator explained in a video

This short video explains how Antares-Simulator helps us anticipate the evolutions of the power system and their impacts. 

May 14, 2019, 8:13 a.m. by Baptiste Seguinot

An Antares-Simulator training session has just been held in the new RTE Window building in La Defense (Paris, France)

This session welcomed a dozen people from RTE, but also from Elia (Belgian transimission system operator) and CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission). The fields of activity of trai...

Feb. 5, 2019, 10:20 a.m. by Frederic Breant

January 2019 : Antares-Data-Organizer 2.0.0 now available

A new version of the companion application to Antares-Simulator is now available for download. Antares-Data-Organizer helps users to keep track of their work in the form of compressed archives that...

Jan. 21, 2019, 1:56 p.m. by Michel Doquet