Master Antares-Simulator!

Join the Antares user’s club and learn how to manage the reference software for energy actors

Subscription to the Antares-Simulator User’s Club gives access to services: software maintenance, expertise on questions related to the use of the software, provision of data formatted for Antares-Simulator and training.

Choose one of two options to suscribe:

Blue: Access to Beginner training session

The Blue option gives you access to the beginner training session, which covers all the main features of Antares. The trainee will be autonomous in carrying out his first studies. 

Gold: Access to Beginner training session + Advanced training session + Expert assistance

By subscribing to the Gold option, you have access to the beginner training session and the advanced training session which deepens the knowledge of the tool and allows to create more accurate models. You also benefit from expert assistance. Ask your questions directly to the trainers and report any bugs or suggestions to the software developers.

Training session: Beginner (3 days) 

Next Session: October 28, 29 & 30, 2019 in Paris

  • The challenges of system adequacy forecast 
  • The organization of the interface and how to navigate easily into 
  • Main principles of modelling a system with Antares with a market approach 
  • The different options of simulation and their impact on the results 
  • How to fulfil Load, Solar and Wind time-series 
  • How to use the different Hydro models and understand their differences 
  • How to well describe a thermal fleet from a technical and economical point of views 
  • How to model a Hydro Pump Storage and a Battery 
  • The right actions to test and assess the result’s quality 
  • How to use R packages to illustrate the results

Training session: Advanced (2 days) 

Next Session: March 2020 in Paris

  • Physical approach by using Kirchhoff law
  • New options in hydro modelling the version 7.0
  • Generation of load time-series from historical data 
  • Solar and wind time-series from historical data
  • Presentation of AntaresXpansion

For more information on the User’s Club, please contact us.