January 2019 : Antares-Simulator 7.0.0 now available

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This version of Antares-Simulator comes with new functionalities that will help users to handle data closer to the basic physics of the power systems, with many benefits expected regarding the realism of simulations.

The evolutions made in the code to that end regard every aspect of the application: user interface, data storage structure, computation engine. As usual, full compatibility with dataset formats used in previous versions is preserved, which means that 4.x, 5.x or 6.x datasets can be upgraded straightforwardly as 7.0 datasets (Compatibility is however, as before, "one-way" only , i.e. 7.0 datasets cannot be downgraded back to 6.x or older)

As compared to the first Open Source version of Antares-Simulator (6.0.0), four striking differences brought by 7.0.0 are:

  • The perimeter of the so-called "binding constraints" editor now encompasses both flows on interconnections and (thermal) generating plants.
  •  A new built-in "constraint builder" provides, if relevant data are available, a straightforward implementation of (active) load flow physics, possibly including phase-shifting transformers tuning as well as loop flows of other origin.
  • The software section devoted to the modelling of hydro-storage power allows to describe all input data with more details (for instance, inflows statistics and bounds on reservoir levels are now defined on a daily basis)
  •  The generic hydro-model is made more versatile so as to accommodate any kind of power storage facility: whatever their size and characteristic times, the operation of storage units can now be based on either rule curves or on "water-value" tables, as well as on a mix of these concepts.

Wishing you a fruitful discovery Antares-Simulator's new features,

The Antares-Simulator Team

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