Additional modules for ad hoc purposes

Visualisation of simulation results obtained with antaresViz package

The Monte-Carlo approach embedded in Antares-Simulator can, if all filters are unrestrained, generates large data-sets of output data. For this reason, R packages have been designed to help the reading, post-processing and visualisation of the Antares-Simulator results. The R packages are a powerfull tool when it comes to deepen the analyses of a simulation as they provide to the users the possibility to look at specific results of a study, to cross-compare some outputs, to automatize post-processing calculations, to plot data or to draw maps.

The Antares-Simulator R packages are open-source and can be freely downloaded. They rely on the R language, which is a high-level programming language particularly appropriate for data science and manipulation of big data-sets. R script are commonly developed and run with the visual development interface R studio.