Sources of the Antares-Simulator add-ons

Antares Data Organizer

The Antares data organizer may be installed as a companion tool to the Antares-Simulator. The purpose of the data organizer is, by providing a flexible environment dedicated to the organization of the application data, to help users to classify and keep track of the work completed on an everyday basis, while saving time and disk resources on the long run.

Download Windows Installer Packages for Antares-Data-Organizer (companion application):

Antares-Data-Organizer 2.0.0, Windows installer 32 bits

Antares-Data-Organizer 2.0.0, Windows installer 64 bits

Known issues: Please make sure to read the Special Notice before using Antares-Data-Organizer :

Antares-Data-Organizer 2.0.0, Special Notice

Antares Visualisation Packages

R packages have been designed to help the reading, post-processing and visualisation of the Antares-Simulator results. They are a powerfull tool when it comes to deepen the analyses of a simulation as they provide to the users the possibility to look at specific results of a study, to cross-compare some outputs, to automatize post-processing calculations, to plot data or to draw maps.

Sources of the Antares-Simulator R packages are available on github

The use of these add-ons pacakges requires the installation of R and its development environment R Studio. The three main packages - antaresRead, antaresProcessing and antaresViz - are also hosted on the official R CRAN and can be directly downloaded from R.