Antares-Simulator 8.2.0 now available

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A new Antares version is out ! It brings out exciting new features for you to enjoy:

  • Multiple timeseries can now be associated to link capacities (NTC), making it possible to simulate partial or total outages on links in the desired Monte Carlo years !
  • The Infeasible Problem Analyzer. When running the study, if Antares runs into an infeasible problem, it will generate a report directing the user towards the most probable cause(s) for the infeasibility.
  • Thermal Clusters now include an extra switch to specify on which clusters the timeseries generator needs to run.
  • When a simulation is completed, you can now go straight to the results visualization through a new "view results" button.

Other small improvements include:

  • Creation of a hydro-debug switch that allows the printing of some useful debug data in heuristic mode
  • The new online documentation is now accessible through the Help menu.
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