Antares-Simulator 8.1.0 now available

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Thanks the to Antares User's Club, we are now thrilled to introduce you to the latest Antares version. This update has been envisioned and outlined by the User's community, a first of many for Antares! Special thanks to Elia and APG for their precious input.

This new version brings up two major improvements:

  1. RES clusters are now live! You have access to 9 RES groups (Offshore wind, Onshore wind, Rooftop solar, PV solar, etc.) to play with, as opposed to just wind and solar previously. You can now create as many RES clusters per node as you wish.
  2. Three new Thermal groups where also added, in order to allow more freedom and possibilities for users with more complicated networks.

R packages are being updated for these new groups as we speak. AntaresRead is already available, AntaresEditObject's update is under way, and AntaresViz will soon follow.

Some bug fixes and features were added to the graphical user interface:

  • When a binding constraint is marked as skipped in the GUI, it now is disabled in the solver.
  • The selection on thermal/renewable cluster is kept when its group changes.
  • Dialogues "Thematic trimming" and "User playlist" are now resizable.
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