Latest evolutions in Antares-Simulator

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Improvements have been made on two different subjects in Antares-Simulator version 7.0.1, now available for download:

Time-series analysis:

When Antares-Simulator is used in short-term analyses (week-ahead, for instance), it makes sense to model some of the time-series making up the "Monte-Carlo scenarios" as the addition of reference forecasts and random noises. The simulation of these various noise processes (auto-correlated and cross-correlated) requires that their structure be known beforehand. When such data are not readily at hand, the time-series analyzer module embedded in Antares-Simulator may retrieve the desired information from a sample of historical records. Version 7.0.1 improves the results of this analysis, when historical records include periods with no meaningful signal: every attempt is then made to recognize the situation and deliver unbiased results.

 Hydro reservoir management:

In Antares-Simulator, hydro reservoirs may be managed in a large number of different ways. A possible option is to request that the simulator determine by itself a heuristic path for weekly generated energies, prior to the proper hourly optimization of the hydro-thermal unit commitment and schedule. Version 7.0.1 now brings, in this heuristic mode, the ability to include the operation of pumps (modelling of a PSP plant).

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